Accelera 65 Series - Accelera 651 15"

Accelera 65 Series
MYR 0.00

ACCELERA 651 Tires by Accelera®.
Season: Summer.
Type: Performance.

Looking for an affordable sporty tire that delivers superior traction and handling at high speeds. There’s no better choice than this top-grade Accelera 651 tire. Its unique center V-block allows for exceptional grip and quick steering response, while improving fuel economy. This tire also provides fast water ejection and excellent aquaplaning resistance, being perfect for wet weather.


Unique center V-block.
Provides stability at high speeds, superior handling, and quick steering response, while improving fuel efficiency.


Large, reinforced shoulder blocks.
Allow for optimum cornering stability at high speeds.


Unique V-shaped grooves.
Maintain stability and enable rapid water evacuation to overcome aquaplaning risk.