Speed Star MK-II 15"

Speed Star
MYR 0.00

The SSR Wheels Speed Star series gives you that old race car/classic sports car look in a 3 piece forged wheel package. The MKI, MKII, MKII as well as the FLII are all completely forged out of aluminum alloy that is created for huge strength and weight advantages. There is no doubt that these wheels will enhance both the looks and performance of your car. They are extremely high tech with an old school style.


• Extremely light

• Put more power down to the ground

• Get the exact fitment you‘ve always wanted

• Quality you can trust

• Race worthy wheels

• Stronger than you can imagine

• Three piece construction

Heat Treatment

Once the wheel is completely cooled after the forging or casting process, which depends on the model, it goes through a heat treatment that makes it even stronger and lighter than it already is. The inner barrel of the wheel is then heated a second time because the inside of a wheel is actually where most of the stress happens in just about any driving situation. This heating makes the barrel as light as a feather and able to withstand huge amounts of force that are found even in racing environments.

SSR Wheels Speed Stars are literally prepared for anything. They are made with racing and heavily tuned cars in mind. So you don‘t have to worry about getting value for your money. SSR Wheels Speed Stars are top of the line wheels that will make your ride look great, act more like a race car, and give you trust in the part of your car that needs to be the most durable, the unsprung mass.