Accelera SUV Series - Accelera MT 01 20"

Accelera SUV Series
MYR 0.00

MT 01 Tires by Accelera®.
Season: All Season.
Type: Performance, Truck / SUV.

If you’re looking to enjoy a safe driving experience off the beaten path, then this top-of-the-line Accelera MT 01 tire is what you need. Specifically designed for extreme mud terrain, it provides exceptional off-road traction in all weather. Open scalloped hump tread situated between block slots enables rapid water evacuation, while keeping rocks and grime away from your tires.


Unique tread blocks with wide center sipes.
Provide increased off-road traction for maximum safety in all driving conditions.


Open scalloped hump tread between block slots.
Offers superior tracking on off-road surfaces, helps to drain water rapidly, as well as throw away trapped rocks, mud, and other foreign material.


Deep tread design.
Allows for strong hold on ground surfaces and maintains grip on loose surfaces.