Accelera SUV Series - Accelera IOTA ST68 17"

Accelera SUV Series
MYR 0.00

IOTA ST68 Tires by Accelera®.
Season: All Season.
Type: Performance, Truck / SUV.

Accelera’s ultra high-performance tire, the Iota ST-68 is engineered to provide increased stability, while reducing hydroplaning. With its three interlocked block lanes, this tire ensures fast and precise steering response for sporty performance. Designed to allow for rapid water draining, it prevents hydroplaning, being perfect for wet surfaces.


Main grooves.
Clear water from the tire surface area that is in contact with the road to prevent aquaplaning.


Three interlocked block lanes.
Provide directional stability and quick steering response.


Exclamation sipes.
Break thin layering of water to prevent aquaplaning and maintain traction in wet weather conditions.