Accelera 65 Series - Accelera GAMMA 13"

Accelera 65 Series
MYR 0.00

GAMMA Tires by Accelera®.
Season: All Season.
Type: Performance.

Want to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride on both dry and wet surfaces. Get this top-rated Accelera Gamma tire made to combine high-end performance with elegant design. Its unique tread pattern with zigzag shoulder blocks and an advanced silica compound allows for quick water dispersal, preventing the risk of aquaplaning. Tested in all types of climate and road conditions, this tire is sure to deliver exceptional wear and tear resistance.


Unique zigzag shoulder blocks.
Enable rapid water evacuation for improved wet handling and traction, while also reducing noise levels.


Dynamic U-block.
Provides excellent grip on both dry and wet surfaces.


Continuous center rib.
Maintains stability and superior handling on straight-line motion.