Accelera 60 Series - Accelera Eco Plush 15"

Accelera 60 Series
MYR 0.00

ECO PLUSH Tires by Accelera®.
Season: All Season.
Type: Performance, Fuel Efficient.

If you’re in need of an eco-friendly tire that delivers maximum driving comfort, then this premium-quality Accelera Eco Plush tire is right up your alley. It is designed to provide improved braking and reduced noise, so you’ll enjoy quiet and safe rides wherever you go. The Eco Plush has a center main groove and mini diagonal grooves that are meant to prevent hydroplaning, ensuring excellent traction on wet roads.


Three main ribs.
Provide excellent grip and low noise.


Main groove and mini diagonal grooves.
Enable rapid water evacuation for improved wet handling and traction.


Center ribs with adaptive sipes.
Improve rolling and braking and provide traction while accelerating.