gram LIGHTS - 57GAINER 18"

MYR 0.00

Rays cast in a new one piece wheel series of deep rim type gram LIGHTS 57Gainer. 57Gainer the new products, as well as realism to the vertical direction, which is built around focusing on realism.

Rim depth 18INCH, cross-sectional comparisons. As you can see, not inferior in rim width, reverse deep rim like never ever even cross-sectional design of the spokes again. Has become a way 7.5,8.5,9.5 from left to right.

Has become the center by applying mechanical finishing two decorative holes. By stuffing the hole spacing and decoration, directing sharp center part. Center of the attachment is optional but CAP has been well-treated in the CAP-less design.

Side spokes have been treated like a side cut. Spoke of the fine when viewed from the front which has the effect of eliminating the discomfort of the rise of the spokes from the rim.Has become a two-step shape of the rim. Becomes deeper depths in addition to improved rigidity of the rim, but just both worlds.