WALTZ FORGED - S5 Comfort Model 17"

WALTZ FORGED S5 Comfort Model
MYR 0.00

By keeping the sporty silhouette of S5 intact, the S5 Comfort Model with the formula silver color reaches to achieve a new premium quality that is different from the original model. The original model has the DC and black clear on the spoke surface and the sharp look was expressed by the brightness of aluminum. On the other hand, the formula silver color is applied onto the S5 Comfort Model. The formula silver color is made by applying silver over the black base color. By applying silver in a thin layer over the black color, the transparency features a depthness to the color. The combination of spokes without edges and the premium formula silver color create a calm and mature impression that is a different fascination from the original model. The WALTZ FORGED logo is engraved on the spoke, and the logo is machined on the rim to add to the high quality feel.